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Facilities Management

Facilities Management

DMG Workplace are able to offer a fully bespoke facilities maintenance services where all serving requirements are tailored to your business, office and specific needs. Giving you the peace of mind that all statutory servicing and maintenance is pre-planned, managed and completed by DMG Workplace.

Something you cannot ignore or delay.

Facilities Management at its core is the preservation of assets and a preventative practice within an office or building demise, with regular servicing ensuring assets are performing at their optimum capacity and to regulation standards within a commercial property.

Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, the responsibilities of maintaining your commercial space are ever present and cannot be ignored or delayed.


Pre-Planned Maintenance

Within every office demise, there are a number of assets that must be regularly maintained, many of which must be serviced as a statutory requirement for safety reasons. Our Facilities Management solutions are here to help you.

Regular Handyman Attendance

We understand that odd jobs around the office such as a blown light, loose door handle or broken toilet flush can sometimes go unattended as they seem trivial or non-urgent, however this will likely snowball into a larger problem if not rectified quickly.

24/7 Helpdesk and Emergency Maintenance

We have a UK based team of Facilities Management Services Helpdesk advisors that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On hand to assist you with a quick resolution of any emergency you’re facing.

Pre-Planned Maintence

Planned preventative maintenance is maintenance that we carry out proactively to prevent issues and minimise downtimes. Whilst we can’t guarantee that PPM will always prevent breakdowns, it does reduce the chance of systems malfunctioning.

As a tenant it is often assumed that the landlord has full responsibility to maintain amenities within your office, however this is not always the case. As a general rule it’s assumed that any assets beyond the door of your office space, fall under your responsibility. If you’re unsure this can always be double checked within your lease agreement.

At DMG we are able to assess your assets and collate a 52-week PPM planner to provide you with complete coverage and scheduled maintenance. This gives you an at-a-glance overview of when servicing is booked in, our team will ensure you’re kept updated throughout. After every scheduled visit to your office, we will provide you with a report of our findings and any maintenance we have performed.

Handyman Attendance

Within our Facilities Management service package, we offer a handyman service in which a qualified multiskilled and electrically biased engineer attends your office on a regular basis to complete and rectify all odd jobs before they become larger issues. This can include dealing with minor issues relating to lighting, power, taps, toilets, HVAC, doors, flooring, small leaks, moving furniture etc.
We like to keep the same engineer for each client so they become familiar with your office, building and staff. Your team will be able to note down any small jobs they’d like attending to within our logbook kept on site which the engineer will review on each visit.

The frequency of our handyman’s attendance is calculated once we have taken into consideration your office size, asset list and average staff occupancy. To give an idea of frequency, for smaller offices with a minor asset list and low staff capacity (around 20-50), we would usually recommend 1 or a half days attendance per month. For larger offices with extensive asset lists and high staff occupancy (around 100-500), we would usually recommend 1-2 visits per week.


A bespoke approach, tailored to providing the best in class service.


Our senior management team has in-depth industry knowledge within the facilities and project management sectors. From managing large-scale projects and office re-locations through to procurement activity and health & safety compliance, DMG can offer guidance and best practice solutions you can trust.

M&E Services

Taking care of the M&E services within your building not only ensures the safety and comfortability of your staff, but also maintains your assets and investment within the building. Our services range from reactive maintenance, planned preventative maintenance (PPM), minor works, emergency lighting, compliance works, statutory tests, including fixed wire testing and portable appliance testing (PAT).

Building Maintenance

Entering into a maintenance agreement with DMG will enable you the opportunity for us to provide a maintenance & emergency support service tailored to your business needs. Real peace of mind for our clients is our 24/7 callout service, no matter the hour our dedicated helpdesk teams are available to support building emergencies with very responsive SLA’s in place.

Source & Supply

We can supply anything from tools and equipment through to plant hire and furniture. DMG take the stress out of ordering those simple and ‘hard to find’ items. Not only will we source the desired items, we will also provide alternatives if we feel that we can make you further savings. No job is too simple or obscure for the DMG team, whether it be some bollards or desks, through to a bespoke piece of equipment made to order with a courier service.

Air Conditioning

Optimum air quality is extremely important within the workplace now more than ever. Air conditioning serves a multitude of purposes, not only by maintaining the right level of moisture and temperature but also by improving air quality by removing dust, allergens, and other particles. Air conditioning circulates filtered, clean air in and around the office.


When it comes to the maintaining of a building, businesses can be faced with a range of day-to-day issues. Anything from a broken door handle to a leaking roof. DMG can take care of it from; Painting & Decorating, Carpentry, Locksmiths, Flatpack Installation, Carpeting & Partitioning, Ceilings or External Building Maintenance.


We can help to take the pressure off your business by managing a planned maintenance schedule. We can make sure that all of the facilities’ assets are regularly inspected and repaired if necessary, so businesses can have peace of mind that they are up to date with all of their maintenance compliance responsibilities.

PAT Testing

Carried out by our fully qualified in-house team engineers, using the latest equipment, DMG provides a complete test and audit report helping customers to keep track of all of their portable appliances, as well as advise on any potentially hazardous items. With same or next day testing available, we provide testing for clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other services.

Be it a simple refresh, all the way through to a brand new office space, DMG create dynamic workplaces tailored to your requirements. However your office operates, DMG will find a way to work with your needs in mind.

Whether you need us to work behind the scenes, or alleviate noise while working within hours, we will always ensure there is as little as possible disruption to your ‘business as usual’ whatever that may be.

Office Design and Build

Design and Build

Our passionate, dedicated team will provide specialist interior design consultancy and workplace strategy advice.

Office Refurbishment


Be it a simple refresh, all the way through to a brand new office space, DMG create dynamic workplaces tailored to your requirements.