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Environmental & Sustainability.

Driving consistent positive change.

Achieving the industry standard certificate ISO 14001, demonstrates our commitment to designing and implementing an effective environmental management system. We have a large environmental footprint within our direct control, that’s why all our warehouses across the UK are zero waste to landfill, instead it’s all recycled.

And that’s not it, we’re also investing in a number of key areas to make an even greater positive impact, including:

  • Driving down our overall waste by providing recycling facilities across all our sites.
  • Reducing single-use plastics we’ve introduced eco-friendly packaging throughout our warehouses.
  • Utilising energy efficiency measures, such as LED lighting and other low energy devices are also being rolled out across our workplace.
  • Finding innovative ways to reduce waste, such as our battery, toner and furniture recycling services.
  • Investing in our delivery fleet, we’re in the process of replacing all our vehicle fleet with the latest fuel and emission efficient diesel engine. The expectation is that these vehicles will deliver up to a 7% improvement in mpg.
  • Recycling our used or damaged cardboard boxes, shredding and recycling over 16,000 cubic square metres of cardboard per year, which is equivalent to the space needed for 3,200 Asian elephants.

Paperless protocol.

We at DMG apply a more digital process on how we programme and deliver our projects We discourage the Use of Paper (Hard copies) of Drawings and Specifications. This may seem trivial, but preventing the use of paper blueprints, drawings, and specs can save a lot of trees. But most importantly, it will save a lot of your time, reduce material waste, and help turn your project around quickly. Instead of using paper, it allows a streamline management system and also reduces your storage needs which again reduces your footprint. This software allows users to schedule the complete construction project, calculate and control various costs, manage the portfolio and documents, analyze the risk, and track the progress of the project, and more. Most companies offer cloud-based solutions that support realtime communication between your on-site and off-site staff. With increased on-site productivity and reduced waste, your project is bound to have a positive impact on the environment.

Furniture & material selection.

Our mindset and process in selecting finishing and furniture is always sustainability driven for all of our projects. We regularly engage with our supply chain who share our ethos and strive to use materials that help preserve nature’s resources and minimise the application of harmful chemicals. We partner with ethical suppliers & contractors that are targeting reducing their carbon footprint. Examples of this are our flooring partner who implement smarter, sustainable manufacturing. Aiming to use 100% renewable energy and are committed to eliminating waste. Another example are our key furniture suppliers committed to eco designs and labels, with sustainability at the forefront of their minds.

Monitor your transport fleet.

DMG operate a client tailored fleet with each route being carefully planned on a daily basis as well as working in partnership with Truline for full UK coverage. Truline has a personnel complement of c.450. Truline employs its own drivers across its fleet of c.350 of liveried vehicles – from articulated lorries to vans – all meeting low emission standards. DMG’s own routes are initially based on delivering to East, South and West London but, whilst still delivering to our day-to-day locations, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to deliver to surrounding areas of London and the South East to prevent the use of unnecessary courier services.

By January 2022, we will be replacing multiple delivery routes with our first electric vehicle which will reduce our Co2 emissions by an estimated 0.06 tons alone daily. By implementing electric vehicles into our operational framework, we will have the ability to fully report on and present to our clients, old and new, emissions saved by using DMG as their key office supplies provider. Our drivers are also multi-trained in PAT testing, furniture installation and waste disposal in line with some of the Managed Services DMG are able to offer.

Our supply chain trust & transparency.

DMG’s client relationships and understanding of market preferences, along with strong partnerships with our suppliers and manufacturers make us a market leader.

This leadership role puts us in a unique position with regard to ensuring appropriate standards, influencing behaviour and increasing the transparency of our supply chain. Although our supply chain is highly complex, it is the most significant part of our environmental footprint and social impact.

For this reason we are committed to exerting the correct levels of control – selling products that have been produced illegally or unethically is not just the responsibility of the supplier, it is ours too. Unlike some on-line retailers, we will not tolerate counterfeit or substandard products.

Charity work.

DMG are proud sponsors of teens unite. Supporting young people fighting cancer to live their best life, while others search for a cure.

Tackling modern slavery.

We are committed to eradicating modern slavery throughout our supply chains, in-line with our disclosure obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

All our suppliers are subject to our Anti-Slavery Policy, which has been built into their contracts with our wholesale partner. As part of the contracting process, they include specific prohibitions against the use of forced, compulsory or trafficked labour, or anyone held in slavery or servitude, whether adults or children. It is mandatory for all suppliers to sign this commitment, which is contractually binding.

Our targets.

By the end of 2022 DMG will have:

  • Increased the number of environmentally friendly and ethically sourced product ranges
  • Established a comprehensive database of the ethical credentials of our entire range and supplier base

Communities respect & relationships

DMG are proud to build relationships with national charity partners and are proud to be an Ambassador of Teens Unite. We also support initiatives to utilise the apprentice levy and encourage colleagues to get involved in local charity and fundraising activities. We have industry competitive rates of retention and strive to offer our own workforce opportunities to improve their skills and advance within the business.

Our people wellbeing & workplace

The culture of DMG encourages people to be the best version of themselves. We recognise that our business will only create future value if we have engaged, healthy colleagues working in good quality environments with access to appropriate levels of training and development.

We aspire to cultivate a positive culture where colleagues, customers and suppliers respect each other and their surroundings, regardless of religious background, cultural heritage or gender. Taking the aspects of wellbeing seriously and understanding it goes beyond just being well.