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Charity work.

DMG are proud sponsors of teens unite.

Supporting young people fighting cancer to live their best life, while others search for a cure. The Charity inspires young people to recognise their potential now and, in the future, and empowers them to live every moment to the full. When you’re faced with cancer, plenty of people will tell you what you can’t do, but Teens Unite shows these young people what they can do; without letting the “C” word hold them back or define who they are.

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of teenagers and young adults now survive cancer diagnosis for at least five years and need the long-term support of Teens Unite.


new cases of cancer in teenagers and young adults in the UK each year.

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of those diagnosed live in the South East of England and need the ongoing support of Teens Unite.

How to get involved.

There are endless ways to support Teens Unite. Whether you would like to volunteer your time, fundraise at school or make us Charity of the Year at your work place, your involvement will make a huge difference.