Incorporating Colour into Your Office Space

When it comes to office design, there are a lot of factors to consider for your office refurbishment. But one important element that is often overlooked is colour. The colours you choose for your office fit out can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space, as well as the mood of your employees. Here are a few tips for incorporating colour into your office space.

Consider Your Company’s Branding

When choosing colours for your office space, it’s important to consider your company’s branding. Companies strive to create continuity and recognition of their brand from all areas of their business. One way this is achieved is through office design and colour schemes that utilise brand colours and logos. What colours are used in your logo and marketing materials? Incorporating these colours into your office design can help create a cohesive look that reinforces your brand identity.

This can be applied to walls, office furnishings, carpets and any other area of the office that can be decorated. Not only does this kind of branding help foster customer loyalty, it also helps bring staff morale up as they feel part of a family that works together. Office branding with company colours lets the outside world know what kind of company it is dealing with, whether in person or online. The result is a unified style across all facets of the business – a true success.

Use Colour to Create Moods

Certain colours can be used to create specific moods in your office space and fit out contractors are experienced in using this technique. For example, neutral tones such as beige and grey are good for creating a sense of calm and focus. Warmer shades like red can be used to liven up a space, but should be used sparingly to avoid putting too much stress on employees. Blues give off a vibe of cleanliness and professionalism, while yellows are said to make people feel cheerier. Whatever colour scheme you choose for your office fit out, it’s important to remember that when it comes to psychological effects, it pays to do your research before you commit to new colours in your commercial fit out.

Consider the Message You Want to Send

The colours you choose for your office space should also be reflective of the message you want to send with your space and fit out projects are a great way to incorporate new messages. For example, if you want your office to convey a sense of professionalism and sophistication, you might want to stick with neutral tones like black, white, and gray. If you want your office space to be more fun and creative, then you can use brighter, more vibrant colours.

Use Colour to Define Spaces

Incorporating different colours into the office interior can be a brilliant way to define and separate spaces. Bright or primary hues could be used to highlight certain areas reserved for employee interaction, while muted shades of blue, green and grey could help foster relaxing work environments. With the recent development of interior design trends such as biophilic design and nature-inspired features in the workplace, incorporating different colour palettes can effectively differentiate between distinct functions in an office setting. The bold use of vibrant colours and marble accents could designate a main reception area, while softer tones could create quiet zones for professionalism and privacy. Ultimately, colour can transform an average workspace design into something more engaging that subtly stimulates creativity and productivity.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

And finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour during your office fit out! Try out different combinations and see what looks best in the space. One way of this doing this is by adding an accent wall to an office environment, which is an excellent way of pushing the boundaries of traditional design and inspiring creativity.

Office fit out renderings can be incredibly useful when it comes to visualizing bold colours and statement features. Seeing these images helps get everyone on the same page and creates greater clarity both in choosing furniture, fixtures and fittings or concepts for a complete office makeover. These renderings provide clients with a genuine sense of how their completed interior will look.

Colour is an important element of any office design. It can impact the overall look and feel of the space, as well as the mood of your employees. In most cases, your dedicated fit out contractors will consider your company’s branding, the message you want to send with your space, and how you can use colour to define different areas within the space. Don’t be afraid to experiment and stay open minded during the fit out process! Try out different combinations until you find something that really works for your space.